Some of the derp encountered prior to the ‘Do-Re-Mi’ performance in SS4.

I do hope the face you requested anon is in these screencaps!! Sorry it took so long, I just finished moving and couldn’t find my DVD. :) 

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Yes! Park Jungwoo finally got his girl♥

140725 Henry’s surprise visit @ Sukira <3

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actual cutest ahjussi (●´ ε`●) 

1/∞ Donghae instavideos.


Zelo sheds tears as Yongguk talks about him at B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul 2014.
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Henry must of forgot he was wearing slip-ons  /

HyukChul: The Earphone series
(to be continue…)

that awkward moment when someone doesn’t recognize you but recognizes your group

B.A.P as Youtubers; inspired by [x] & [x]
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